Our Group Care Homes provide youth with a secure foundation for growth. Building on individualized programs that teach basic skills and help youth set and achieve personal goals, we strive to strengthen individuals and their ties to family and community, and focus on the personal empowerment found through a connection with indigenous culture.

Our well-maintained homes are located in safe, established neighbourhoods. Close to schools, playgrounds and easy access to transportation, our homes are part of the community and create a welcoming environment. We provide meals and snacks, a monthly clothing allowance, recreational opportunities and transportation. Youth also receive a weekly allowance as part of their program.

Group Care participants receive access to a cultural coordinator who provides individual support and cultural opportunities including monthly sweats, weekly sharing circles and access to community Elders and cultural helpers.

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living services are provided on a spectrum depending on the individual’s needs: from staffed Transition to Independence homes to supported independence in their own apartment.

They receive support from our staff and have access to emergency help 24-hours a day. The program prepares youth for full independence and helps them find and maintain a daily routine of school, work, volunteering and/or parenting.

Transition to Independence homes include all this support plus overnight awake staff for additional safety and support.

Our Supported Independent Living includes:

Drives & Supervised visits


Our Drive Program provides safe transportation and appropriate supervision to and from appointment and home visits. Safe transportation options with trained drivers in clean, well-maintained vehicles, prevents, reduces or eliminates factors that may place a family or individual at risk.

All our drivers are trained in emergency response, first aid, non-violent crisis intervention, suicide intervention and medication administration.

Supervised Visits

Spirit’s Supervised Visits ensure a safe and supportive environment for children and their family during a visit with significant people in their lives.

Visits facilitate access to non-residential parents, grandparents, siblings and extended family and other significant persons. Safe and positive relationships are nurtured.

Spirit visit supervisors are trained to assist and mentor participants, allowing parents to “try out” some of the parenting strategies they are learning.

Visit supervisors monitor visits and may end a visit if there are any safety concerns for the child/youth or if the person being visited is under the influence of drugs or alcohol or at the request of the child/youth in their care.

Youth Work
We offer one-on-one youth worker support with a focus on preventing, reducing or eliminating behaviours that put youth at risk for dropping out of school or getting involved with the law. Our youth workers teach life skills like budgeting or looking for a job and encourage youth to develop new skills or enhance existing ones.



Cultural Resource Coordinator

The Cultural Resource Coordinator oversees cultural teachings, ceremonies, and activities and supports youth in times of crisis and challenge.

The Cultural Resource Coordinator supports youth with their transition into programs and helps them improve their communication and relationships with family members and the community.

Our qualified and caring staff are fully trained in:


Monthly Reporting

Staff complete monthly reports on goals progress, activities and strengths. The monthly reports include Signs of Safety plans.

We are based in Edmonton, Alberta but accept referrals from across Canada.

Spirit of Our Youth and WJS Canada

Spirit of Our Youth is a division of WJS Canada . WJS Canada provides a wide range of programs and services to children and families across the country.

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